Clean Makeup and Self-Care Products

Diving into the world of wellness is a process that all too easily can become overwhelming. When heading into that world it’s apt to be a researcher by nature. A hefty amount of reading and podcast listening is ahead because there are no endpoints to knowledge of caring for the body.

Immersing into the wellness world happened in stages for myself, and I’ve seen it happen that way for a host of others. Somehow the bits and pieces of doing research become a never-ending hobby. It’s like the Wikipedia game, where one search leads to another. And then one day a plethora of information you may or may not have wanted to know about your health and the environment is weighing on your mind.

FullSizeRender 9 (1)This weight can be a lot to handle. Here is where I suggest you breathe. Be reminded that this immersion is a process with no endpoints. Use what you have right then and there to make the most informed next move, giving yourself space along the way to feel out what’s right for you.

For my own immersion process, it started by switching to primarily organic food from conventional. Getting rid of the majority of pesticides was a major step. Then I started eating produce seasonally, and seasonal eating transformed me to eating locally whenever (and wherever) possible.

So I didn’t want toxins in my food, check. I then asked what else could be getting into my body that was toxic. Step two looked at the largest organ of my body, skin. Continue reading “Clean Makeup and Self-Care Products”

Coconut Oil Crisis + Cholesterol

9 different people sent me the article that came out last week entitled “Coconut Oil ‘as unhealthy as beef fat and butter’ According to AHA. After trying not to groan and roll my eyes at fake news, I’m compelled to soothe everyone’s worries.

If you actually read the article, you should be able to see that it monumentally overgeneralizes the science.

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An Herbivore Taking Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides are a health trend I took a while to come around to, for two reasons. First, they’re not available too many places. Second, they’re an animal-derived product. Before December of 2016, I was seeing posts about about them frequently and my holistic doctor even started carrying them in her office. I was intrigued for some time, but the act of purchasing didn’t happen without research and an ungodly amount of stalling.

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Mindfulness + Redefining Productivity

Do more with less effort, what a concept.

Here’s the how of doing more with less effort: it starts with mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness is so important to thrive in a way that lets us connect to how we feel. Once we figure out how we’re feeling, we can act upon it or according to it.

Mindfulness is achieved by slowing down. Slowing down will let us do so much more without the kind of tension that builds when we’re caught up in the chaos of reaching a goal. Goal setting is great, but when we’re not mindful of the process to reach that goal the tension builds and nothing external is nourished. The idea of the external that needs to be nourished includes our bodies, environment and relationships.

Slowing down isn’t an action a college student wants to hear they should be doing. I am unbearably guilty of easily acting mindlessly. It took a couple of serious health complications and unpleasant personal struggles for me to realize I needed to slow down.

Productivity and success aren’t measured by how much I can take on. Stress shouldn’t be romanticized, it’s inflammatory. I don’t eat foods that are inflammatory, so why did I think it was okay to make a space for myself where my environment was just as toxic?

If you don’t think you can relate to the approach of being a better version of yourself at a less tense pace, I highly suggest you read up on stress levels in pasture-raised hens and eggs. I just read Farmacology by Daphne Miller and something serious clicked about the purpose of community support and the output of my energy.

So, I’ve been watching MBG’s Revitalize online this weekend and of the many talks that inspired me, I want to share something from Dr. Samantha Boardman:

Happiness isn’t a solo event. It’s what happens when we connect and support the people around us.

The reciprocation of a support and connect model makes me feel like I’m floating. I love guiding stråla classes because it gives me this feeling, I am so happy after guiding a class it’s ridiculous. So, I’m trying to apply this approach of interacting with others into life outside the studio.

Becoming a stråla yoga guide has burned it into my brain that how I am with myself is how I am with others. So while I can support and connect to everyone around me and feel so happy, I also have to connect to how I feel and support those feelings.

When we’re so focused on doing the most amount of work at maxium effort to push past limits, it’s pretty tough to be mindful. This was me for a long time, isolating myself for the most output. I wasn’t mindful of who I gave my time to and there are quite a few relationships I wish I could mend because I was too busy.

We’re never too busy, there’s always time to create space for yourself and others if we’re mindful of the process. Try slowing down and being more mindful at some point this week, it won’t hurt.