Seared Apricot, Carrot, and Sweet Potato Breakfast Plate

It’s my last day in New York City and thank goodness because I’m exhausted. The last 3 weeks have been powerful, physically explorative, and immensely educational at Stråla’s 300 hour Advanced Leadership Training. Doing the same grind every day has made it seem like the weeks simply melted together. I’m ready to leave the intense pulse of the city for clean air and time surrounded by nature, too.

Simplifying my cooking to deal with the demanding hours of training meant meal prep. In other words, lots of roasted vegetables to make meals of. As the week ended the breakfast pickings included roasted carrots, roasted sweet potato, and a fresh apricot. The color coordination was unintentional, I swear. Saved the green scheme for packing lunch. Continue reading “Seared Apricot, Carrot, and Sweet Potato Breakfast Plate”

Doctored Up Zucchini Pancakes

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind for this gal recently. Time on the dreamy West Coast has ended as I finished up my holistic health and nutrition internship in San Diego. In case you’re curious, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life yet. 

It was pretty neat to leave the internship feeling like I found my next calling. What a concept to have a “job” where I never wanted to clock off and was tirelessly exhilarated connecting to people. It was also eye-opening to live somewhere for a while that didn’t foster the intensely fast way of life I’m used to. There’s a lot to learn from slowing down.

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Wild Caught Fish Tacos

Don’t be fooled by the inclusion of fish, this taco recipe is plenty full of vegetables. If you’re not including fish in your diet, these tacos would also be great with some sprouted beans for a boost of protein.

A seal of sustainability, and certification of being wild caught is precisely what I look for if I’m going to make fish. It’s been a bit of a transition back into the world of eating certain animal proteins following a super strict anti-inflammatory diet to heal major gut inflammation. Continue reading “Wild Caught Fish Tacos”

Carrot Energy Balls

I had the pleasure of teaching a functional cooking class this week for Lifestreams Ministries. I had never guided a cooking class before and I figured it wouldn’t take much of a different mindset than guiding one of my yoga classes. Unbeknownst to me beforehand, though, the co-author of the naturopathy textbooks I’ve been pouring over for the last few years was taking the class. It’s funny how life works out like that sometimes.


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Cinnamon Roasted Breakfast Carrots

I’m all about vegetables for breakfast if you didn’t already know. From cauliflower porridge to zucchini scones, I try my best incorporate vegetables into all meals of the day. It’s also not hot enough yet for me to crave a smoothie in the morning here, roasted vegetables and pasture-rasied eggs have been my jam recently.

At the Leucadia Farmer’s Market on Sunday I scored some beautiful (but tiny) organic purple carrots.


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