Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

I want a candle that smells identical to that chemical concoction called hazelnut coffee creamer. You know the one that somehow puts off its aroma to an entire room. There is nothing natural or nutritionally viable in Coffee-Mate.

No one should actually be drinking this stuff, regardless of how aromatic and alluring it is. Its cringey ingredients include but are not limited to partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, various phosphates, various sodiums, and artificial flavorings.

Whatever their chemical trick is for making this stuff so aromatic, I cannot offer. However, the taste of real hazelnuts in your coffee or tea is divine. After being reminded recently of how dang good the stuff smells, I had to try to replicate it using real ingredients. Continue reading “Hazelnut Coffee Creamer”

Matcha Latte

This drink is ideal for those who don’t like to eat first thing in the morning but still need the nutrients and caffeine to get the day moving along. This drink has been sustaining me for 2-3 hours before needing to eat something light for breakfast.

I wasn’t sure I had will to give up my coffee routine, but here we are. My relationship with caffeine in general has changed significantly within the last few months. Instead of brewing coffee the minute I get up out of habit, I’m waiting an hour or more and then making a cup of matcha instead. If I feel like having more food in the morning, I’ll stick to just water and matcha with maybe a splash of almond milk.


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Guide to Nut Milk: Pecan


2017 has me into the habit of making some of my own nut milks. It definitely tastes better than the grocery store’s that also generally have added emulsifiers and coagulants. And when you buy it organic, it’s not cheap.

If you’re up for this process once in a while, consider the bulk section of the grocery store to stock up on organic nuts.

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