Apple Coffee Cake

In sticking to eating and cooking with seasonal ingredients, bring on the apples. I most certainly am abiding by an apple a day. Unsure if I’ve ever been more satisfied with a baking experiment than this beaut here. It’s a combination of two of my favorite things, apples and cake

Cringey nutritional choices of my past seem to be the best fuel for recipe development. I had a vague memory of what conventional coffee cake tasted like the other day. Specifically the cinnamon and crumb topping came back to me.  Continue reading “Apple Coffee Cake”

Sprouted Buckwheat and Leftover Nut Pulp Mulberry Granola

The title of this recipe is a mouthful but making it is nearly brainless, I promise. All this granola requires one bowl and a hot minute to stir all the ingredients together in no particular order.

So while it’s almost too easy to make, this granola is doing good in the kitchen. It’s part of a waste-reducing series I’m working on to use leftover pulp from making nut milks in recipes. Last week I made a batch of this hazelnut coffee creamer and have been adding leftover nut pulp to my baking. So far my favorite has been using the pulp in these crackers. Continue reading “Sprouted Buckwheat and Leftover Nut Pulp Mulberry Granola”

Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

I want a candle that smells identical to that chemical concoction called hazelnut coffee creamer. You know the one that somehow puts off its aroma to an entire room. There is nothing natural or nutritionally viable in Coffee-Mate.

No one should actually be drinking this stuff, regardless of how aromatic and alluring it is. Its cringey ingredients include but are not limited to partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, various phosphates, various sodiums, and artificial flavorings.

Whatever their chemical trick is for making this stuff so aromatic, I cannot offer. However, the taste of real hazelnuts in your coffee or tea is divine. After being reminded recently of how dang good the stuff smells, I had to try to replicate it using real ingredients. Continue reading “Hazelnut Coffee Creamer”

Red Plum Pistachio Sprouted Scones

Stone fruits couldn’t be any better this time of year. For just about every get-together I went to this summer I made a variation of this cake with peaches, apricots, or plums. This red plum pistachio sprouted scone recipe isn’t going out the door with me though. Some baked goods stay home to snack on with a cup of tea and a dollop of homemade coconut yogurt.

For this recipe I suggest Blue Mountain Organics’ sprouted oat flour. This flour is quite rough, and lots of oat pieces remain and that is because it is stoneground. The benefit of eating a stoneground product (like flour or nut butter) is that it is processed at a low temperature, keeping more vitamins and minerals in tact.

If you’re not using this brand, no worries. Use 1 1/2 cups oat flour and 1/2 quick cook oats. If the oats and oat flour can be sprouted or organic, great. By eating sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds the nutrients are more bioavailable and easier to digest. And avoiding glyphosate from conventionally grown food is a given. Continue reading “Red Plum Pistachio Sprouted Scones”

Seared Apricot, Carrot, and Sweet Potato Breakfast Plate

It’s my last day in New York City and thank goodness because I’m exhausted. The last 3 weeks have been powerful, physically explorative, and immensely educational at Stråla’s 300 hour Advanced Leadership Training. Doing the same grind every day has made it seem like the weeks simply melted together. I’m ready to leave the intense pulse of the city for clean air and time surrounded by nature, too.

Simplifying my cooking to deal with the demanding hours of training meant meal prep. In other words, lots of roasted vegetables to make meals of. As the week ended the breakfast pickings included roasted carrots, roasted sweet potato, and a fresh apricot. The color coordination was unintentional, I swear. Saved the green scheme for packing lunch. Continue reading “Seared Apricot, Carrot, and Sweet Potato Breakfast Plate”

Doctored Up Zucchini Pancakes

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind for this gal recently. Time on the dreamy West Coast has ended as I finished up my holistic health and nutrition internship in San Diego. In case you’re curious, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life yet. 

It was pretty neat to leave the internship feeling like I found my next calling. What a concept to have a “job” where I never wanted to clock off and was tirelessly exhilarated connecting to people. It was also eye-opening to live somewhere for a while that didn’t foster the intensely fast way of life I’m used to. There’s a lot to learn from slowing down.

Continue reading “Doctored Up Zucchini Pancakes”