Cauliflower Breakfast Porridge

Say hello to the updated version of cauliflower breakfast porridge. This recipe update for one of my breakfast staples comes from my newer knowledge about the science of cooking with ground flax seeds.

In my first shot at this recipe, I used the ground flax seeds as the binding agent that made the porridge nice and thick as a true porridge should be. This isn’t a call for panic about cooking with ground flax seeds. Research from WAPF (what I’ve been focused on studying this summer in California) suggests that polyunsaturated fats should not be oxidized, which happens when heated. Fragile omega-3 fatty acids (alpha linoleic acid, specifically) in flax seeds should preferably be consumed unadulterated by heat and light.

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Coconut Oil Crisis + Cholesterol

9 different people sent me the article that came out last week entitled “Coconut Oil ‘as unhealthy as beef fat and butter’ According to AHA. After trying not to groan and roll my eyes at fake news, I’m compelled to soothe everyone’s worries.

If you actually read the article, you should be able to see that it monumentally overgeneralizes the science.

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Carrot Energy Balls

I had the pleasure of teaching a functional cooking class this week for Lifestreams Ministries. I had never guided a cooking class before and I figured it wouldn’t take much of a different mindset than guiding one of my yoga classes. Unbeknownst to me beforehand, though, the co-author of the naturopathy textbooks I’ve been pouring over for the last few years was taking the class. It’s funny how life works out like that sometimes.


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Cinnamon Roasted Breakfast Carrots

I’m all about vegetables for breakfast if you didn’t already know. From cauliflower porridge to zucchini scones, I try my best incorporate vegetables into all meals of the day. It’s also not hot enough yet for me to crave a smoothie in the morning here, roasted vegetables and pasture-rasied eggs have been my jam recently.

At the Leucadia Farmer’s Market on Sunday I scored some beautiful (but tiny) organic purple carrots.


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