How an Herbivore Travels

I’m unashamedly preachy about making your own rules and following how you feel when it comes to wellness. Total health, when looked at through the lens of functional medicine, has so much to do with your environment. So I spent the last week in the mountains of Spain with family and friends, I got outdoors and got away from my routine.


Minimized time on the phone and computer does wonders for clearing your head, novel idea, eh? I finally caught up on reading Jeffrey Bland’s The Disease Delusion, did yoga every single day, and instead of capturing photos of food for a change I captured moments out in nature, new towns, and the wonderful people I was experiencing it with.

Perhaps the biggest shift though was the breaking of my rigid rules of diet. Precisely 1 year (November 20) after my last exploratory surgery when I was diagnosed with some pretty severe disorders of GI inflammation. This week consisted of lots of local wine, animal proteins, eating unseasonably, nightshade foods, and getting occasionally glutened.



It wasn’t how I pictured celebrating making it a year with totally overhauling my life to cure something that was once so painful, but I feel fine. In some cases these rule breakings were unavoidable for my own nourishment or situation, and some I willingly broke. So here’s what I offer to you as advice for breaking the rules of your diet when traveling.

Plan Ahead: 

  • Look into what kind of food you’re going to have access to
  • Pack an anti-inflammatory toolkit if you know you’re seriously affected by inflammatory foods (supplements, vitamins, cooling foods)
  • Stay hydrated
  • Move a whole lot, yoga naturally helps with detoxification
  • Load up on nourishing, plant-based foods when you can during the trip
  • Prepare for a mental shift, this is temporary and a time to focus your energy on aspects of your wellbeing (AKA your environment, relationships)

So now it’s back to school, and I’ll be throwing in a few extra cooling foods to my diet to get back to normal. The time exploring things outside my routine, and getting outdoors with the people I care about the most did wonders for my head and I encourage everyone to do the same when traveling. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, I’m so thankful for where I’m at in life right now.

P.S… don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but it was a super nice break to photograph something other than food for a week. However, I did get some shots at our Thanksgiving dinner. It was pretty easy to pull an American meal together, even out in the mountains.




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